Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Job

I'll be in Klamath Falls for quite some time. About two weeks ago I started working as a copy editor at the newspaper here. The job came up very quickly — I heard about it very soon after they decided to hire someone and was offered the job a few days after applying — but I'm happy with it. It's good experience and I'll get a lot of great clips out of it. I wanted to stay in Oregon and spending a couple of years living low-rent still within a weekend trip of all my friends and family makes me happy.

The job is great so far. I've got a lot of training to do, but I think I'm doing well and my coworkers are great. Everyone is really nice and most of the reporters and other copy editors are close to my age.

Tonight I went downtown with my friend Jill, who is a reporter at the paper. It was "Third Thursday," when all the businesses stay open later and there are food booths and live music performances all over. It was fun to get out and walk around. The weather finally turned nice again after two or three weeks of nothing but rain and gray skies almost every day. It's very unusual for it to rain here, let alone that much.

For now, I'll be working split days off, but that's OK with me. I'm happy to have found a job in journalism and to be back in a newsroom with other people who want to talk about politics and grammar. It's fantastic.

If the clouds ever go away, I'll take a picture of the gorgeous view of Mount Shasta as seen from the newsroom window. The newsroom in Yakima was in a basement. Having any view at all is a vast improvement, but I'm particularly fond of this one.