Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My bedroom is in the "basement" of a split-level house in the hills of South West Eugene. This morning, I walked out of my room into the main room and staring right at me through the ground-level window was an enormous turkey! I recently heard that Eugene is well-known for its wild turkeys, but I'd never seen one until today. I've known "pet" turkeys and had bad experiences with them, but the wild ones are new to me. As I watched the one outside of my window, five more walked by! Two of the three cats who live in this house were sleeping on the bed and therefore didn't see the turkeys. The other cat was staring intently out the window, trying to figure out what to think about them. She didn't make the "hunting" sound, so I don't think the cat thought she could eat the turkeys, but she was definitely intrigued. One thing I love about this part of town is the frequency with which woodland creatures show up in my yard. I of course had to grab my camera and capture the moment (I couldn't get them all in the same shot).

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Spam poems

This spam e-mail made it through the gmail filter and found its way to my inbox. The subject line was "intercourse." The intentionally misspelled words and poetry always entertain me.


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Won of old, by wallace wight and bruce the bold miss marple
smiled up at cedric. Do you know who itself easily to rhyme
and rhythm, and several the rear, and who bore under the
other arm a packet man, in blue coat and red waistcoat.
he received remains motionless la hire steps back the excitement
said captain donnithorne, when he had sufficiently the inquest
will be purely formal, i yes, sir. While, have seven or
eight yolks of eggs dissolved beasts set off at a trot.
long ferns by the roadside elephants can remember poirot
came forward and of paper which had evidently been slipped
in among mountains somewhat more wild and primitive was
tier of boxes. They were wise enough to attempt times the
quantity could easily be brought down.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

New Blog

Hello readers.

For various reasons, I have moved most of my old posts (at least, the ones that express political opinion) to a new blog. I will keep this one, but will keep it about myself. If you want to read that, keep this link on your own blogs. Please ask me for the new link.

The link to my personal site will still lead to this blog.