Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year

First, I'm posting because I'm going to give this "365 Days" project a shot. Here's my first shot of the new year. I can't seem to embed the photo using the Flickr link, so click here. That's Ty's cat, Jasper.

Our big transition began three days before we rang in the New Year. Ty accepted a new job as the education reporter for the Tri-City Herald and we will be out of Klamath Falls by the end of January. I will have to stop working for newspapers, at least temporarily, and we have no idea what I will do as my main source of income when we get there, but I'm excited for the move. I'm sad that I might have to leave newspapers, but I plan on doing a lot of freelance writing and hopefully some day I can either come back to journalism as a reporter or just write in my spare time. It's a nice idea.

Ty found out about the job four days ago, and our living room is now a maze of stacks of boxes and suitcases. We're trying to live with the boxes, which are going in the basement tomorrow, and make the house presentable for the real estate listing, while recognizing that three weeks is a lot of time to make new messes. There may be some interesting meals in our future as I try to use up all the random ingredients that can't go to the food bank.

Tonight my mom invited us over for dinner, knowing we're trying to pack and clean the kitchen. I haven't had time to cook a nice dinner in weeks, so I made a nice meal of Indian food and we had good conversation. It's been fantastic living in town with my parents but not living WITH them (although my parents are pretty awesome, so living with them wasn't a problem at all, it's just different to be able to have my own space and just have nice visits). I'll miss them, and I'll miss all the friends I made at the Herald and News, but this is a really exciting time for us. Scary, but exciting.