Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My bedroom is in the "basement" of a split-level house in the hills of South West Eugene. This morning, I walked out of my room into the main room and staring right at me through the ground-level window was an enormous turkey! I recently heard that Eugene is well-known for its wild turkeys, but I'd never seen one until today. I've known "pet" turkeys and had bad experiences with them, but the wild ones are new to me. As I watched the one outside of my window, five more walked by! Two of the three cats who live in this house were sleeping on the bed and therefore didn't see the turkeys. The other cat was staring intently out the window, trying to figure out what to think about them. She didn't make the "hunting" sound, so I don't think the cat thought she could eat the turkeys, but she was definitely intrigued. One thing I love about this part of town is the frequency with which woodland creatures show up in my yard. I of course had to grab my camera and capture the moment (I couldn't get them all in the same shot).

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