Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm using my roomie's computer and can't seem to put a title on this thing or spell-check. So if there are spelling errors, it would be appropriate for you to make fun of me, but you should know that her computer gave me an error when I tried to spell check.

Well, I didn't get to see the fireworks from the National Mall. My roommates and I heard that you have to get there early in the morning and stake out your spot all day to get a decent seat.

Instead, I went to the parade with my friend Lila. It was a lot of fun. It's very long and has balloons and entries from different cultures around the world. For some reason, the very last float in the parade was the Hare Krishnas. I'm not sure why that's funny, but it seemed like an odd way to end such a big event. It didn't feel conclusive, I guess.

After the parade, I went to Lila's house in Arlington for barbecue. It rained, so we used the George Forman grill. Later, we walked to this bridge over the Potomic River and watched the fireworks. They were great. They did a lot of effects I've never seen before. It's quite impressive to see them with the Washington Monument in the background.

Anyway, work is great. I think I'm doing good work. The stories I'm editing are already pretty error-free, but I've caught some misspelled names and incorrect phone numbers. This week, I start working a later schedule, so I have the mornings free. I'm scheduled to go see the White House on Thursday! I'm really excited. They say you only get to go in four or five rooms, but it'll be fun to be able to say I went.

I've done more touristy stuff since last week, but nothing too interesting. I'm walked around in the heat way too much. I did go to the National Archives yesterday and loved it. I spent way too much time in the giftshop and took photos of what looks like a blank piece of paper to commemorate seeing the Constitution. I spent too much money in the giftshop, too. But, it's a really cool museum. I loved it. If I have the time later on, I may go back and use the research facilities to go through old Supreme Court cases or something else that only I would be that interested in!

Today I went to the Museum of Natural History and saw the dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond. It was all very cool.

Next week: the Holocaust Museum. Not exactly "fun," but very important.

I can't wait to start my new work schedule. It'll be so nice to have the mornings to myself to do things or just enjoy having the apartment to myself.

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