Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some things I dislike about Washington

I've been writing a lot about my exploits exploring DC, so I thought I'd post a few things I've come to dislike about this town.

1. As I've said, getting to a grocery store is a pain in the ass, especially for someone used to just being able to run over to a big store at almost any time of day.

2. When I walk home at night, enormous beetles and cockroaches (comparable in size to the ones people eat on Fear Factor) run across the sidewalk and because it's dark, I don't see them until they're almost on me. This is especially disconcerting when I'm wearing sandals. There are also large, millipede-like things in my apartment.

3. Drivers couldn't care less about pedestrians. It's dangerous to enter an intersection, even if there's a crosswalk and you have the signal.

4. Ten percent sales tax. One good thing: the museum and monument gift shops don't charge tax because taxes pay for the buildings.

5. There does not appear to be recycling available. Supposedly there are recycle bins inside the house I live in, but I live in the basement and do not have a key to the part where the recycle bins are. It disgusts me to see plastic bottles and papers thrown in the trash.


Mr. Burns said...

That just shocks the hell out of me that D.C. doesn't have recycling. You figure, of all places in the U.S., that would have it. Nope, guess not. Wild.

Thought Criminal said...

I know. It's freaking ridiculous.

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