Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey all. As the Smithsonian American History museum is closed for the summer, there is a display of "American treasures" at the Air and Space Musuem. They're mostly from pop culture (movies, tv shows, etc), but some are items that belonged to historical figures. They've got the gown Jackie Kennedy wore to the Inaugural Ball, the ruby slippers and Scarecrow outfit from the Wizard of Oz ... all kinds of neat stuff. Here are some photos taken with my dinky cell phone camera.

Kermit! I can't remember how old this Kermit is, but it's one of the first, I think.

This is Abraham Lincoln's hat. At the Library of Congress, they have a display of the things he had with him the night he was shot, but they don't allow pictures. I think the clothing he wore that day is on display at Ford's Theatre. I haven't been there yet.


The puffy shirt from Seinfeld.

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