Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Two More Days

I have just two days left of my internship. I'm thrilled to go back to Oregon, but sad to leave this specific job. It's too bad I can't just teleport back and forth each day.
The process of leaving means cleaning what appears to be a very messy desk, but is really quite clean compared to the desks of those who have been here a while and aren't leaving anytime soon. Note in the photos: the Styrofoam cup (holding disgusting "k-cup" coffee). I hate the use of Styrofoam. It's so bad for the environment, as are all the plastic thingies the coffee is brewed in. Also note: the piles of soda cans and bottles, left on my desk because as I've mentioned, there is no readily-available recycling facility anywhere that I go in DC. The friends in the outskirts seem to have access, but there's nowhere to take these from work. No recycle bin in the building, nothing. It's driving me nuts.

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