Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Two

Today was much better than yesterday. Last night, around 2, I finally tried to pump up my air mattress and it worked, so I actually had a bed. I only got a few hours of sleep because the movers were supposed to come at 7:30 -- they got here at 9:30. Something about bad traffic at the truck stop. But all my stuff was here and they were very nice. One of them lives here so he gave me his number in case I need to hire someone to move me to the other apartment in two weeks. I'm thinking of asking the apartment complex to pay for it, rather than their idea of getting the maintenance guys to help. Somehow, I would feel more vindicated that way. Plus, the guy was nice, fast and professional, so it seems like a good option.

After they left, I wanted to go back to sleep, but instead decided to brave the heat (about 95 degrees) and go to the grocery store. I realized pretty quickly that my desire to wait as long as possible to buy a new car may be overshadowed by my desire to drive a car with air conditioning. I forget how much you spend just buying the "basics" on a first grocery run. More than $100 and I didn't even remember to get salt. Must remember to find a cheaper store than Fred Meyer for non-organic stuff.

I spent most of the day buming around the apartment. The huge pile of boxes that can't be unpacked until I move again will irritate me, but at least my kitchen and bathroom are set up now. I cooked dinner (vegan chili) and dessert (vegan chocolate cupcakes with delicious frosting) and used my new Dyson vacuum, which really is awesome. It got all the cat hair off the sofa and a bunch off the floor that I didn't even know was there. It's already worth every penny. I'm so not a person who likes to clean, but I bought this specifically for the cat hair problem, so it's great. I think I may take it to my mattress, too, but I'm not sure I want to know how much dirt is on the mattress.

I'm discovering that this apartment was very clearly built for taller people. I can't reach the air conditioner dial, ceiling fan cord or peephole without a step stool. At this point in life, I am of course used to having issues, but I'd think they'd at least put the air conditioner where short people can use it.

Right now I'm sitting on my balcony listening to someone's wind chimes. Even with the mix-up, I do like the complex -- I think. It seems to be well-taken care of (although there is some graffiti on a tree outside my place that I don't think was there yesterday) and the private balcony is nice. I think the unit they're moving me to is on the ground floor, which is better because I can let the cat out, but not quite as nice. Of course, all the other buildings kind of face mine so people can see me out here, but it's closed in on the sides. It's cooled off very nicely and is quite peaceful. It may even get dark enough to see a lot of stars.

I realize I'm posting quite a bit on mundane things, but this is sort of an adventure for me. Also, until I meet some people, I have nothing to do in the evenings but sit around on the Internet. I'm posting this while watching TV shows online (my cable channels suck). Right now it's "Sex and the City" with subtitles in what appears to be Chinese.


Mr. Burns said...

When I hear the word "vegan" attached to meals, it makes me think they're complicated to cook. Is vegan food hard to make?

Jobetta said...

Vegan food is not hard to make if you learn what you're doing. It can be hard to get the flavors and textures right if you're used to eating animal fats, but nah. Not hard.

Baking is more difficult than regular cooking, but I've learned to do it. I could make you these cupcakes and you'd have no idea they were vegan.