Friday, April 17, 2009

Two months of unemployment

Sunday will mark the two-month anniversary of my lay-off. There's not much news to report.

Now that I know I'm moving back in with my parents and will be off the hook for rent for a month or two, I'm a little less stressed out about living on unemployment money. I don't really want to go back to Klamath Falls, but it's easier to at least know what's happening. At this point, I almost hope that it takes several more weeks to find something new so that I have some time to settle in a bit before I have to move again.

The problem I'm having now is finding three jobs per week to apply for. It's required, but there just aren't three journalism jobs being advertised per week. There are plenty of jobs I am not qualified for, but I don't want to just apply for things I wouldn't be offered any more than I want to apply for things I wouldn't take.

At this point, I'm starting to accept that I may have to look in another field. There are ways to use these skills in other ways.

The freelance writing thing hasn't panned out yet. The Web sites I've applied for are mostly looking for how to articles or opinion pieces, which isn't what I want to do. They're not looking for journalistic pieces.

In the meantime, I'm spending much more time online than I should, simply because I'm trying to avoid the last bit of packing I still have to do. it's at that point where everything left is just little stuff lying on the floor and knick-knacks, or stuff that has to go to Goodwill and it's just a pain in my ass.

The fun thing that I've done this week is go to the Mariners home opener. I've been a fan of Ken Griffey Jr. since I was a kid and I wanted to see him come back to Seattle. It was a beautiful day and a friend who also went to the game met up with me afterward (I crashed at his place) and on the way home, we ran into a mutual friend and went out for a beer with her at Pike Place Brewery. It was a perfect Northwest sort of day.

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