Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interesting Times in the Senate

I'm exhausted tonight but wanted to share the events of a Student Senate meeting I covered this week. While the job is much more exciting on nights such as this, it's also 100 times more stressful. My editor shared the reporting duties with me on this one, as the meeting didn't end until after our deadline to submit the paper to the publisher. The news was so important that we pushed the deadline back to accomodate the story.

So tomorrow is the end of the student elections, which I've been working very hard to cover. There's always a lot of breaking news. However, I think everyone was a little shocked to find out that a candidate had been removed from her current position , especially since we got the news just one hour before the meeting.

The meeting was expected to take a while and provide some interesting material, based on the agenda. What happened, however, was rather unexpected , even for someone who's been covering these meetings for a while now and thought she was somewhat in the loop.

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