Wednesday, May 02, 2007

More spam poetry!

I don't know what this was an ad for. It had a scary unnamed attachment. The subject line was "Mercedes." I sincerely hope I'm not spreading worms by opening these.

"Columbuses or Gamas, ever pass,
Toward the still dab of white that oscillates
Grateful, I know, for just such compensations,
At the end of the road. Even if they are staring
Billows the fog, cloaks
Dismal, endless plain≈
But what I am looking at is hardened snow,
And he is swathed in ever-petrified dread;
Astonished that you have returned to go
In Florida, it's strawberry season≈
Bronze the sky, with no
Again awaken from your being gone to find
By the design of our own silent eyes
And he is swathed in ever-petrified dread;
Your red cheeks radiant against the wind,
Only a whiter absence to my mind,
and preening, dancing on the basepaths,
Nor, indeed, the bit of paint itself can know of.
"Now it's my turn to sing!"

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