Friday, June 22, 2007

Day One in DC!

After what seemed like the longest car ride of my life from Chapel Hill to Washington, D.C., I arrived in Washington at 5:15 today. My introduction to my new apartment involved my key not working. The housing office was closed for the weekend by then and I didn't have an emergency number. I let the woman who drove me here leave and called my friend Lila while I waited for my roommates to come home. As I sat outside with my bags, I called the housing office to leave an angry message about being locked out of the apartment.

At that moment, who should walk by? Ron Wyden, the Democratic Senator from Oregon. I've met Ron Wyden many times and he's a great guy. I toured the art museum on the UO campus with him and wrote about it for the paper. I should have said hi, but was too busy trying to leave my message. It's never that unusual to see Wyden in Eugene because he's always visiting, but somehow seeing a real-life Senator walk past my apartment in DC made it all the more real that I'm actually here. Now, if only Obama would walk by so I could introduce myself, I'd be in heaven. I think I mentioned that I've heard he lives nearby. Rumor has it that John Ashcroft also lives near me. Interesting times.

After my roomies got here, I took a trip on the metro (subway) to go buy a blanket and sheets for my bed. It was very easy.

As I walked home from the subway, I realized just how close I am to the Capitol. I knew before I got here that I would only be a few blocks away, but I hadn't seen it yet (it's kind of around a corner and there are trees in the way). I was confronted by a lovely sight that I can't show you because I can't figure out how to copy a photo from my cell phone onto blogger. I'll post photos soon.

I took a short walk and took photos of the Capitol, got a huge geeky smile when I realized that the Shakespeare library is right down the street, and completely freaked out when I saw the Supreme Court. I'm just unbelievably excited about this.

After my walk, I took the metro back to Chinatown, where I'd purchased my bedding, to meet my friend Lila for dinner. She'd already eaten but was kind enough to come sit with me while I ate delicious Thai food at a little place around the corner from the metro station.

Tomorrow, I visit the zoo. I need to do something relaxing that doesn't require brain power. Looking at pandas seems like just the thing.

I start work Monday! I'm in love with this town already, awful traffic and all.

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Mr. Burns said...

Jealous. Sooooo jealous.