Saturday, June 30, 2007

More updates coming soon

So I still don't have regular Internet access here in DC. I have yet to ask what I am allowed to do on the work computers, and while I just discovered the public library, I haven't gone there yet. For now, I rely on the few hours a day my roomies and I are all home and awake and I can use one of their laptops.

Washington is awesome. I haven't really done much sightseeing yet, and haven't been to a museum (one of those two things will happen tomorrow. I'm determined), but I have time. I think.

Last night my friend Steve, who I met at the internship training camp and who is working at the Washington Times this summer, met me for dinner at a great Thai place in Chinatown and we wound up walking all the way back to my house. Google maps says that work (which is about six blocks from Chinatown) is two miles from home, but it didn't seem that far. We were walking around and kind of came across the Capitol and realized that from where we were, home wasn't much farther than the subway station, so we just walked all the way up Capitol Hill to my house. The Capitol is gorgeous at night. It really is a pretty building all the time. I can't wait until I have time to go take the tour.

The roomies, Steve and I wound up going out to find a bar last night in the neighborhood Adams-Morgan, which we'd been told was the place to be on Friday nights. It seemed cool, but I bet it's kind of dirty during the day. There are lots of bars and clubs there, but for various reasons, we didn't go to any. There are also ethnic restaurants of every variety. A lot of the businesses have signs that appear to be in arabic (or related languages). I might go down there one day and try some of the restaurants. I thought it was fun just to see all that stuff, but the crowds were a bit overwhelming, especially given how drunk everyone was.

So in a few minutes, we're going to the zoo. I've already been there, but it's fun and there were a lot of things I didn't see last time. The pandas are awesome, though.

At some point, I will try to post more pictures, but it'll be difficult since my roomies use PCs, meaning that I can't download from my camera without installing the software, which I of course, don't have with me. I think one of the friends who lives here might have a mac, and if so, I may be able to get some of the photos on here. Tomorrow, I'll probably go check out some of the monuments and memorials.

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