Friday, June 15, 2007

Week one down... almost

I can't believe how fast this training is going.

Six months ago, I couldn't quite believe this internship would ever start. Now I'm at the Friday of a two-week training and will be in DC in one week. At this time next week, I'll probably be having dinner with my friend Lila, who lives in DC. That, or riding the metro trying to find a place to buy a blanket and sheets for my bed.

I said this before, but I love the UNC campus so much. It's just gorgeous. I'd post some pictures, but I left my cell phone at the dorm to charge. I'll try and get some real ones this week on my "good" camera and post them.

Today I took a quick walk before going to dinner and passed the dorm building next to the one I'm staying in. A plaque on the wall said that it is the oldest state university building in the nation. The cornerstone was laid in 1793. It's a historical landmark. Two days ago, we got really bored and the RA in our building let us into this other building to watch TV in its lounge. So I can say that I watched TV in a building that is a historical landmark. Weird.

I was excited today to see another cardinal. They're such pretty little birds.

The highlight of my day was discovering a Jamba Juice inside one of the union buildings.

We work tomorrow and Sunday we go see the Durham Bulls(an AAA baseball team) play. I love minor league baseball. The Eugene Emeralds are only a single-A team and it's a lot of fun to go there. The fans are highly entertaining.

I e-mailed my DC roommates today. The girl I'll be sharing a room with (there are 4 of us in a two-bedroom apartment) is an intern at the DNC in Howard Dean's office. I'm very excited about this for two reasons: 1) If I had to share with a republican intern, it would be tough and 2)I love Howard Dean.

Time to go. Copy editing awaits.

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