Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Internship fun

I wanted to try to write something about my internship experience every day. Right now, I'm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina training for the internship. We only have a few hours a day (between whenever we wake up and 12 p.m.) to use computer labs and my roommate is not one of the people who brought a laptop.

So... I have yet to have time to sit down and write. Once I get to DC I'll probably have more computer access because I can get to a public library in the mornings.

For now, I'll say that the South is interesting. I've never been this far south or this far east before and I'm getting a nice, mild preview of what weather in DC will be like. I've resigned myself to feeling sticky and gross for three months.

This is a beautiful campus. I love the big old brick buildings, and there are tons of trees everywhere. It's all the things I love about the UO campus, but with different species of plants. There are squirrels everywhere. It's fun to see the animals that we don't have. I haven't found fireflies yet, but I saw a cardinal yesterday.

Time to get back to training.

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